Emu Whispering Video

Back in 2012, I twice mentioned emu whispering in posts on this blog, in each case including a picture showing something (but not much) of the technique I’ve developed over the years.

It has to say something about the arcane nature of this activity when Goggle can find less than 100 websites referring to it (when you search on “emu whispering” in inverted commas) and quite a few of these seem to be something about high-speed railway construction in China! By comparison, a search on “horse whispering” produced 71,800 hits.

Anyway, thanks to the photographic skills of Bobby Dazzler alumnus Laurie Prince, there is now a video on YouTube of yours truly doing his emu whispering stuff, all ready for your viewing pleasure. Just go to YouTube, and search on “emu whispering”. Or you can just click here.

There is one other video of emu whispering on YouTube, featuring a practitioner called Tracy, who uses rather elaborate hand and leg actions. In my experience, these are not necessary, and can even be somewhat dangerous, in that the whisperer needs to be ready to bail out of the whispering routine quite rapidly in the event of one or more emus deciding to adopt a policy of direct action. This may involve pecking at the eyes of the whisperer, which, as you can probably imagine, can lead to tears – well not actually I suppose, because by that time you may not have any tear ducts left. My approach involves lying face down, making it easier to protect your eyes.

Anyway, I have chosen not to reveal details of the actual whispering part of the activity, since I can’t take responsibility for people – especially young folk – who may try to engage in emu whispering without appreciating the risks involved and taking the appropriate precautions. So I suppose I could say “Feel free to try it at home – where there probably aren’t any emus – but not in the Outback.”


About dazzlerplus

Writing about the things that interest me helps me to discover what I think. One of my loves is the Australian Outback, and I travel out there often, and when possible take friends with me.
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6 Responses to Emu Whispering Video

  1. roobark says:

    Such a coincidence: the head bird of a bunch of emus emailed me a while ago to say they had recently had considerable success in Man Whispering, but they haven’t put a video up on youtube because the man just lay on the ground all the time, despite the fact that they went right up to him.

    • dazzlerplus says:

      Oh dear, this is a worrying development! Is it possible that emus are in fact a superior race who have hitherto been concealing their highly developed intelligence, and are now preparing to take over the world? Of course, some members of our race manage to conceal their own (meagre) intelligence most of the time, for example, emu whisperers.

      Instead of having Mr Rabbit as out PM, we might end up with Old Man Emu (who couldn’t ride a bike, but could run the pants off a kangaroo).

  2. kenrh141041 . says:

    Hi Rob

    Loved the whispering! Why don’t you have a Facebook “share” button, or have I missed it?

    Cheers Ken

  3. Lavinia Ross says:

    The Emu videos were very interesting, Rob. I am not on Facebook either, so I am an oddball right along with you.

  4. Lula S says:

    Dear Rob, Hello!

    I love all this Emu Whispering! Sending it on to my brother and his wife + caravan who are on a huge round-Oz jaunt! and to Gillian who is currently in Melbourne – don’t know if she still gets BD !

    and the comments re Facebook are interesting – I tell everyone that I’m not on Fb because don’t have time to talk about what I’m having for dinner !

    Hope you, Judy, and families are all well, Love, Lula

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