Uluru Golf Course Still Under Consideration

Last November, I wrote a post on this blog about a proposal to build a golf course at Uluru (see https://dazzlerplus.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/uluru-golf-course/#comments). According to a comment on that post from reader “Kate” today (August 9, 2013), the proposal put forward by Mr Koos Klein of Voyages Indigenous Tourism (a company which runs resorts near Uluru) to build the golf course is still very much alive. As I said in my post, I regard the proposal as insensitive and inappropriate in the extreme. So does Kate.

Uluru 11




May I suggest that you drop a note to the Minister for the Environment, Mr Mark Butler, at mark.butler.MP@environment.gov.au and tell him what you think of this outrageous idea.

Mr Klein is reported as saying ”There is not much to do there in the eye of many tourists other than visiting Uluru and Kata Tjuta [the Olgas], which for many of us should be enough, but we are talking here about the average tourist who is looking for things to do.”

What would you be inclined to say to Mr Klein and some of these average tourists who are stuck out there at Uluru with nothing to do?


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7 Responses to Uluru Golf Course Still Under Consideration

  1. Cuppa says:

    As you know from my previous post on this matter, I find the notion of a golf course at Uluru incongruous & unacceptable. Much like setting up dodgem cars in St Pauls Cathedral or a roller coaster in the Vatican. However in order to write a letter to the Minister for the Environment likely to be taken seriously, I feel more details & preferably a more reliable source (no reflection on ‘Kate’) than a ‘bloke on a plane said’ are required. Does anybody know more about this, or indeed have suggestions as to how more information might be sought?

  2. Ros B says:

    I tried to find out more information too and came across this March (2013) article in the SMH with Greens Senator Larissa Waters calling on the (former) Minister for the Environment, Tony Burke, to stop the development of a golf course at Uluru. See http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-03-07/greens-flag-fears-over-golf-course-near-uluru/4558784

    Interesting that Koos Klein says that such a development would create jobs for local people. When I was in Mutitjulu recently, which lies in the shadow of Uluru, there was precious little evidence of Aboriginals being employed at the resorts, a question that we specifically asked. I was surprised to learn that Voyages Indigenous Tourism own all the accommodation options at Uluru. Hmm!

    Maybe you could invite Mr Klein on a Bobby Dazzler tour – this might teach him a thing or two?

  3. Cuppa says:

    Thanks Ros,
    I haven’t read this yet, but it’s dated February 2013.

    I also read a newspaper report dated from 2012 which suggested that the golf course is planned to be 10 kms from the rock …… how much difference might this make to people’s perceptions I wonder …… doesn’t change my view.
    Elsewhere I read of concern about the limited water from the aquifer being used to irrigate a golf course, and concerns bout the golf course adding to the proliferation of ‘human byproducts’ (my term) resulting in a threat to the future of four rare & endangered fauna species.

    • Ros says:

      Thanks Cuppa. Will peruse and think about next steps or letter to Mark Butler. Senator Larissa Waters may be a good ally too.

  4. Sue Emeleus says:


  5. Anne Newton says:

    The proposal equates to selfish business interests over preservation of the fragile land and precious resources. I hope this doesn’t go ahead. But I fear it will, just as I’m afraid the proposed East-West road link through Royal Park (the scene of Burke & Wills departure) will also go ahead, damaging another fragile environment and the rare birds plants and animals that survive there.
    Once again…lobby Mr Burke!

  6. I have been there last year and I want to go and do camping there again. One of the amazing palace on the Earth.

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