Nostalgia Rules in Kurri Kurri

How would you define “nostalgia”? The dictionary tells me it’s the painful longing for one’s home or familiar times in the past. The “-algia” suffix means “pain”, as in neuralgia (nerve pain) or myalgia (muscle pain). Homesickness is a form of nostalgia.

As someone said, “Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be”, but in Kurri Kurri, it’s better than ever.

Kurri Kurri is a town of some 5000 people in the Hunter region, a bit west of Newcastle in New South Wales, and not far from Maitland. It used to be a coal-mining town, but these days the principle local industry is wine. Kurri Kurri is certainly not in the Outback, but I couldn’t resist adding this to my earlier post entitled “Memorable Events” (February 13, 2013), about some of the special events held in rural and Outback towns.

This past weekend, the good folk of Kurri Kurri held their annual Nostalgia Festival.
Retro car

For everyone who knows that the 50s and 60s were the true “good old days”, Kurri Kurri was the place to be. There were fashion parades, lots of rock ‘n’ roll dancing (with rope petticoats and greasy hair styles), vintage clothing stalls, a talent quest, a display of old cars and motor bikes, and appearances by celebrities such as Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny O’Keefe and Buddy Holly. You could even renew your marriage vows in a Las Vegas-style ceremony.

If you’re one of those people who says “Back in our day …” more and more often, the Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival is for you. Why not make a note in your diary to visit Kurri Kurri about this time next year for their 11th annual Nostalgia Festival? Will it be as good as the earlier festivals? Probably not, but I’ll bet you’ll have a lot of fun.


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Writing about the things that interest me helps me to discover what I think. One of my loves is the Australian Outback, and I travel out there often, and when possible take friends with me.
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