Keeping Yourself Occupied

I’m heading off to the Outback for a time, so here are a couple of things you can do to while away those lazy hours. (Nothing to do with the Outback.)

Have a look at This is a computer program with which you can have a conversation. Type in a simple question or statement, eg. “Are you having a good day?” or “Tell me a joke”, then click on “Think about it!”. Cleverbot will display an answer. Then repeat the process for as long as you like. You may want to consider the answers given by the computer in the context of the “Turing Test” — see  — which is designed to test a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour.

Another way to kill time is to visit, which provides you with statistics about the frequency of occurrence of specified words or phrases in books over a period of time eg. 1880 to 2000. For example, you could type in “can of worms” and see how it has taken off since about 1960. Try “deficit”, “scotch whisky”, “comfort”, “astronaut”, “heart transplant”, and even “outback”.

And it’s not my fault if you’re late getting to bed.


About dazzlerplus

Writing about the things that interest me helps me to discover what I think. One of my loves is the Australian Outback, and I travel out there often, and when possible take friends with me.
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One Response to Keeping Yourself Occupied

  1. Anne says:

    Really Rob, you must be kidding…!!!

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