The Transit of Venus

Reader Anne has advised me that in just two months’ time, a much rarer astronomical event than a total eclipse of the sun will occur, and that it should be observable, subject to cloud cover, from the entire eastern half of Australia.

It’s the Transit of Venus, in which the planet Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun. Australians will recall from their history lessons that the main reason for Captain James Cook’s trip around the world in 1769/70 was to observe the Transit of Venus in Tahiti. He did that, then continued on across the Pacific, and stumbled upon a large island which is today called Australia.

T of V events occur twice just eight years apart, and then not again for more than 100 years. The last Transit was in 2004, the next one is on June 6th this year, than not again until 2117. So if you haven’t seen it before, this is your last chance. You have been warned!

Katherine in the Northern Territory is regarded as one of the best viewing locations, mainly because of the low chance of cloud cover.

See ToV.



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