September 2011 Itinerary

It occurred to me that there may be some people interested to know just where Bobby D trips go. No two trips are ever quite the same. Whenever I think of it, I’ll post an itinerary here. This will happen after the trip is over, because one can never be sure whether an Outback trip will happen exactly as planned.

If you’re trying to follow the trip on a map, there will probably be places mentioned which you can’t find on your map. Usually Google will help in these situations.

For the trip in September 2011, it went exactly as planned, as follows:

Day 1:Sydney to Willandra National Park (west of Hillston), via Bathurst, Parkes, Condobolin. Accom: Cottage in Park.

Day 2: Willandra to Broken Hill, via Ivanhoe and Menindee. Visit Menindee Lakes. Accom: Mario’s Palace, a rather eccentric place.

Day 3: Broken Hill to Cradock, via Yunta and the eastern foothills of the Flinders Ranges. Accom: Cradock Hotel.

Day 4: Cradock to Farina, via Hawker, Wilpena Pound, a drive through some of the Flinders gorges, Parachilna and Lyndhurst. Accom: Camping near the deserted town of Farina.

Day 5: Farina to Oodnadatta, via Marree, Lake Eyre, and William Creek, on the Oodnadatta Track. Accom: The best in town!

Day 6: Oodna to Coober Pedy, via the Painted Desert. A very scenic drive through some very remote country. Accom: Underground Motel.

Day 7: Coober to Marree, via William Creek. Accom: Marree Hotel. Retracing some of our earlier tracks here, but seeing some things we didn’t see the first time.

Day 8: Marree to Montecollina Bore, via Lyndhurst. Travelling on the Strzelecki Track. Accom: Camping.

Day 9: Montecollina to Tibooburra, via Cameron Corner. Accom: Tibooburra Hotel.

Day 10: Tibooburra to Comeroo Camel Station, via Wanaaring. Accom: Sleeping under the stars at the camel camp, after travelling there on a camel wagon.

Day 11: Comeroo to Willie Retreat, via Bourke. Willie is located beside the Macquarie Marshes, a bit north of Warren. Accom: Cottage.

Day 12: Willie to Narrabri. Accom: Cottage. Visit the amazing Sawn Rocks.

Day 13: Narrabri to Sydney, via Gunnedah, Tamworth and Gloucester.


About dazzlerplus

Writing about the things that interest me helps me to discover what I think. One of my loves is the Australian Outback, and I travel out there often, and when possible take friends with me.
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