84, Charing Cross Road

In BDN #46, I mentioned a book I had read and really enjoyed called 84, Charing Cross Road. Newsletter reader Blythe told me there was a movie based on the book, and recommended it. I googled it and discovered it was made in 1987, and had an impressive cast including Anne Bancroft, Anthony Hopkins and Judi Dench. Also in the cast was Mercedes Reuhl, whom I’ve admired ever since I saw Lost in Yonkers about 15 years ago.

Has anyone else seen 84, Charing Cross Road? What did you think if it?

84, Charing Cross Road was written by American Helene Hanff. BDN reader Diane told me that Hanff had written quite a number of books. I looked her up on Amazon, and picked one at random: Underfoot in Show Business. It’s got seven reader reviews, and every one of them gave it the maximum of five stars! That’s very unusual. I must find a copy and read it!


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4 Responses to 84, Charing Cross Road

  1. roobark says:

    Yes I’ve read that book – it was really terrific!

  2. Sad to see that the Travel Bookshop which served as the background for 84, Charing Cross Road is threatened with extinction, as with Angus and Robertson, the bookshop of our childhoods.
    Let us hope that the enthusiasts manage to save this iconic bookshop!
    Also, with regard to “Carpe diem’, I always thought, as a former Latin student, the the wrong verb was being used here in “Dead Poets’ Society.”. I was sure that it was supposed to be “capere”,to capture, as in Caesar’s valiant soldiers in ancient times. It seems that I was wrong, and that the verb,”carpere” does exist.
    How perverse of Latin to have two such similar verbs with almost identical meanings.

  3. Bronwyn Anley says:

    Dear Bobby Dazzler,

    I loved the movie and have a copy that I can lend you. Bronwyn A

  4. arikeri1 says:

    Movie was excellent.

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